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6 Dislikes [Apr. 10th, 2007|04:32 pm]
We Love To List


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Things I dislike…

   Okay for starters…Princess Anne and her Rah daughter Zara.  Don’t even get me started about Zara winning ‘Sports personality of the year 2006’… Well actually I will start and I will complain. Right.  

   Hang on though, let’s also see who up for the reward. As it might have been that the BBC was scrapping the barrel and that’s how she won it.
   Okay first up Darren Clarke. He if I remember,  led Europe to victory (in Golf) over the United States in the Ryder Cup just weeks after the death of his wife Heather. Um… at the moment Zara seems a distant toff on the horizon… He says “I know Heather would have wanted me to play so I made myself available [to play].”  As I see it, Clarke had taken so much time out to care for Heather that the Europe team didn’t think he would be trained enough, but Clark insisted he was emotionally ready for the forthcoming Ryder Cup despite losing his wife Heather to cancer the month before.
   Next up was
Beth Tweedle. She won the title of 2006 World Champion in gymnastics.

An ankle injury in early 2006 meant she had to sit out the Commonwealth Games  but went on to get that title in the world championships. While juggling training she is also full-time at Liverpool's St. John Moore university, where she is studying Sport Science.  It was only when she was 7 that she started to go to Athletic club in Crewe.

   Tough competition…. Now Zara won the award 35 years after her mother, the Princess Royal, received the same honour. How nice… What does Zara think about this weird coincidence?  Well she says “For two members of the same family to win the award for the first time is very special," Phillips said. Okay think about what family you are in love! It’s not some normal family living in the suburbs of Birmingham, that would be ‘very special’ if some family like that won an award like that. What you come from is  family were you’re mother was probably riding around her estate when you where in the womb. After you were born, you were probably taken down to your stables and shown the ‘horsies’. Then I’d say at about 4 years old, your Grandmother, the queen, gave you a present of a pony, seeing as you are the first grandchild. Then since then your past-time has become a sport and it’s been ever so easy to ask the stable boy to saddle up your horse to go trotting around you mothers 730 acres Gatcombe estate.  Oh and now that you have a stable boyfriend (pardon the pun) your mother has given you a cottage on her estate, which may I add, include woodland, a lake and (this will really be useful to an athlete…) considerable stabling facilities, including a new stable block.
   Ok so you have won 2 gold medals at the European Eventing Championships but if  people had top quality sporting facilities of their chosen sport on their door stop AND have no job so can the free time to train, I think more people would be winning gold medals don’t you think??!!!

Another pet hate is strangers at parties talking about music.  Now when I’m drunk my opinions become more vivid and angry. However, I like to rant when people are wrong when I’m drunk.  So bring on the guys who talk about music (For some reason girls (in Oxford) never talk about music, well not in a good way anyway). I’m usually around Alex at parties cos I hate talking to strangers sooooo probably because of his hair, people always talk to him about music. Whenever I try and add to the debate, I get this vague stare (I can hear them thinking maybe she read that in a magazine… like Q or The Word….) and they carry on talking to Alex!! ARGH.

So I was driving back to Oxford last night, not many cars around so was going fast-ish. If there is no other cars in the slow lane I make a point about driving in the slow lane at the same fast speed cos there’s no reason to be in either the middle lane or the fast lane if there is no-one around! So when I get to someone in the middle lane and I’m in the slow lane I have to make the annoying effort to cross two lanes to over take!  Why doesn’t that twat just move to the slow lane if there’s no-one in it, you don’t have to slow down, you can actually stay the same speed… idiot.

I’ve been home recently and so has Alex, so I’ve driven to and from his house a lot. I go through this little lane, which in parts can only if one car. How many 4x4s have I seen through these lanes? Well I don’t mind if they are actual farmers, but these cars have no dust on them and defiantly no mud. Also I don’t mind if you live on a side of a mountain where one of the 4x4 would be useful. However, all those massive shiny 4x4s have all indicated to go to Home Farm or Trinity View (A kind of barret housing estate) where the only mountain terrain they see it the steep climb into the double garage and the only dirt they see is if a bird poos on the screen before it’s master hoses it down for the 2nd time that day. Ok, I understand it might come in useful when the river over flows and you have a swamp for a back garden and the road maybe a little flooded. But that would be cos you bought a fucking house on a fucking flood pain you twat. That’s what plains do, flood.

Now less ranty things cos I see this is getting long…. But they need to be said.


-Ugly Betty = On this weeks episode, Betty does something wrong that could jeopardise the magazine, there’s a lot of moaning and panicking, she tells someone her problem then they help, they just about save a disaster and everything’s ok again.

-Avon smell testing pages = Pointless, they smell a little fragrant but mostly of warm, rubbed paper.