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10 reasons why I should be on the Jeremy Kyle show. - List Love [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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10 reasons why I should be on the Jeremy Kyle show. [May. 19th, 2007|01:57 pm]
We Love To List
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[music |Maria Muldaur - don't you feel my leg]

1) My life would be worth watching comprising, as it does, of freaks and misfits.

2) So he can call me a brave lady, or sweet (apparantly too lazy to add the "ie" or "heart".

3) So he can admonish me. Fantastically, and then switch seamlessly from admonishing to straight talk and then affection. PSYCHOLOGY!

4) I want to try and wrestle one of the security staff.

5) So I can tell him I think his brother is a cunt and that his life experiences can not possibly have anything to with me. We are different people, moron!

6) I want to try and get the bitch counsellor and that wanker drugs counsellor to have a fight... maybe get Jeremy to piss on them whilst they fight, haven't decided yet.

7) So I can be white trash.

8) So my family will disown me in shame.

9) So I can systematically destroy every member of that patronising pondlife audience.

10)So I can seduce Jeremy Kyle.