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Things that make you an incredibly annoying myspace/livejournal user [May. 19th, 2007|02:05 pm]
We Love To List
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1)Making you profile private - Dosen't that defeat the point of even having a myspace? No wait, I get it, it's gives the impression that way too many people want to be your friend and you've had to do this! Wow, you are so interesting now...
Customising your page so I don't know what the hell to do with it - Seriously why? Myspace gave you a perfectly acceptable format, I can even understand putting some pretty pictures in the back ground or whatever, but some pages just make no fucking sense. They are inverted and the options all have different names, fuck knows what your clicking on.

2)TyPiNg LiKe tHis?!? - I also include ridiculous spellings in this. Typos I can forgive but some of the fucking shite I have seen people type in this place is absurd. It looks like Klingon for god sake.

3)Not resizing your pictures for the comments board - This paticularly pertains to bands, oh and Jo hehe. Look if you've sent out an invite invitation which took up precious seconds of my time to open and then delete, why the fuck is opening and deleting your ugly fucking comment going to make me anymore likely to show at your rubbish gig? Oh and Jo seriously, resize!

4)People who add you and then just send you adverts - Who spends all of their time doing this? I'm sure it is one man, who doesn't even get paid. He's just a complete cunt who knows exactly how to spoil my day. He is also the same man that cuts me up on rondabouts.

5)Being my friend, getting a myspace/live journal, using it for a bit, then stopping for no reason - Look I refuse to use a mobile phone, period. I'm sorry they managed to dupe you but seriously THEY ARE A COMPLETE RIP OFF AND YOU DON'T ACTUALLY NEED IT!!!! The cost of a mobile phone is fucking ricdiculous especially as you have the internet anyway, email/myspace is free. Also if you just stop using your mobiles they will stop putting up these horrible masts that are killing honey bees and giving people cancer, seriously they are not cool.
Tags: list, myspace